I've started shooting food / cocktails on a casual basis. Getting a bit more into food and beverage photography lately, along with other things (weddings! weddings!!!).

Yoga + Beer

My friend Annie teaches yoga in Northeast. She hosts sessions at Utepils and Tattersall, as well. She's also my toprope climbing partner and a general badass. Follow her on IG (@anniehayeswellness).

Palisade Head

Photos from a trip to Palisade. It was my first outdoor climbing experience.

Sanborn Canoe Co.

Took a trip with Little & Company creative team to Sanborn Canoe Co., a dope place where a handful of people make paddles, canoes, baseball bats, prints, and more. I shot photos for Little's social and blog purposes. 

Northstar Kombucha - Promo photography

Working on a series of images to promote Northstar Kombucha, a local Kombucha business founded by Dan Fischer and packaging / identity designed by Christina Fischer. Pick up their amazing product at farmers markets around the cities this summer! These images will be featured in Artful Living Magazine. 

PS—Northstar Kombucha was featured in Artful Living's October Issue as a Winner in the A-List Awards for Minnesota-based products. Super cool!! 


We went to Colorado. I took some photos. A lot more to come soon.


Took some photos while I was in Yosemite for my friend's wedding this spring.

New Albion Blues Photoshoot

I recently took some photos of the CD sleeve and disc design for Dylan McFarling's New Albion Blues album. Get yourself a copy! 



BranD Magazine feat. The Lake & Stars Poster

We (Studio MPLS team on behalf of a poster I designed under the creative direction of CD Dan Olson) are pleased to be featured in Hong Kong-based BranD Magazine's 29th issue! Issue 29 Designer and Printer features embossed, debossed, and foil stamped print pieces, The Lake & Stars among them. I took the photos of the magazine to showcase the feature on Studio MPLS' blog.